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creative color blind trying to taste you nothing really charming. trying to lose your resistible. on the w. . this is the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes it's all the wasteful zimbabweans march against u.s. and e.u. sanctions the government says the measure is all stopping economic recovery but is that true. and how climate change has become the laces flowed to the fight against malaria. then the nigerian youngster is doing tricks to stay out of trouble.
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hello i'm christine wonderwall come to africa it's good to have you along thousands of people marched across the zimbabwe today against u.s. and e.u. sanctions on the country those taking pause and the government backed him astray should say the sanctions have crippled the economy by the way that economy is in deep crisis the i.m.f. reported inflation in august reaching 300 percent and it's predicted some always economy will shrink by 3 percent this year. but both the e.u. and the u.s. say the sanctions bay have imposed on zimbabwe did not target the economy and entre sponsible for the country's problems here's a quote from an african affairs official with the u.s. state department that's he said there's a very false narrative out there which i want to correct some people say the united states has sanctions against the country of zimbabwe we do not repeat do not have
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sanctions against the country of zimbabwe we have sanctions against certain individuals and certain corporations but not against the country of zimbabwe there is nothing to stop us businesses from investing in zimbabwe or. now to be precise the u.s. sanctions target $85.00 officials of the government officials who almost who are mostly government officials that's right it also bans u.s. companies from dealing with $56.00 is involved in companies some banks and some off farms and then there's a ban on military exports to the country now the e.u. only has sanctions on former president robert mugabe and his wife grace correspondent spoke to people at the end to sanctions march and. we're seeing sanctions again tuesday by a great friend to do these because we no longer want teach here they must understand that zimbabwe suffering some chon it's a form of. that's what is is
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a part to take a flick on the zimbabwean you have to stand for the cool sanctions if course does damage in zimbabwe today people of you can probably come by news you have the. wit if we are you we are facing a. breach in america in our eyes so we are seeing the enough is enough now not always involve against took part in the government protests against sanctions some are of the view that the economic problems all home made. joins me from harare he'll give us the opposition m.d.c. alliance is you welcome to africa doctors about what is your party's position on the sanctions are they stifling the economy. well no i think that it is what it clear to have risen bobbie and it is mismanagement it is the corruption it is also the irresponsibility of this regime
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on political. reforms that is disposable for the economy the country faces look we have never had and no business will invest in a country where people can be killed. for no particular reason and there is no justice fest instituted a commission of inquiry which didn't turn up with things that implemented we have lost 20000000000 to corruption and the crisis ok talked about i want to put this quote see you have a u.s. official who has seen as a chris coons and he says and i quote relieving sanctions would provide significant economic life for zimbabwe because it would encourage foreign direct investment i mean this is a u.s. senator said basically saying that the sanctions on a very effective well look we know that the government has been spending a lot of money nearly half a $1000000.00 that we don't have trying to get one of 2 u.s.
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politicians to make positive coalmines about this subject years affect that every zimbabwean and which is why they didn't turn up at the stadium today knows that is that the government is the one that's maintaining sanctions on the people of zimbabwe and has done so for nearly 40 years we know about these on the p. of government can unilaterally remove these sanctions imposed by any other country on the basis of simply implementing the forms that are required like this in bargaining position and not just by us or any other law any other comments. one of coming up because you made an end allegation against a government that some government officials have also made the allegations against your party saying that it is the opposition that is flowing to the waist and calling for more sanctions on zimbabwe what do you make of that and you say sion is there truth to that. if this government believes the president as the leader of the opposition has the ear and the respect of the
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international community then it would be advised to resign and now the person who is able to come on international respect and be in a relationship with other countries to run the country remember they stole this election last year through the process pretending that they could run the country while defending and they continuously say it is in fact the present time is all can run things who can and will be able to institute appropriate reforms fulfill for this country to move forward so i think that then they should just step outside the incapable that's what every lead off a country does they do well with those those just about that doesn't let me come in here because it's not only the government of zimbabwe calling for the removal of the sanctions it's that it's that the regional body said that it's the african union are they missing the mark look there that they are doing that i don't see what they are doing that because these are supposed to be a subject day affection and all we saw is that to there was an election in south africa an election in zambia an election in tanzania and there was an election in
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zimbabwe itself so this is just a group of leaders as malema from south africa as a saved. guy did we can see that zimbabweans schon this much it is a lot of the day today here in nevada so clearly these are some people who all you know about the reality the top people even people understand situation the fact of the matter is that zanu p.f. has the sole responsibility and can you not only deal with any form of sanctions that you just placed on the people of zimbabwe today they have. spent a lot of money and dad have got nothing south africa has done nothing that stops and when it was he speaks well the m.d.c. alliance thank you. now this is the mosquito that carries malaria threatening millions of people on the continent traditionally people living in high altitudes have been spared from the threat because africa's highlands are traditionally colder and so are mosquito free
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but now was creeping up mountains and finding new homes there thanks to the warming temperatures being ushered in by climate change. every 2 minutes a child dies of malaria worst affected countries in sub-saharan africa. it's this female mosquito that spreads the parasites causing malaria. thanks to the rollout of massive anti malaria campaigns many regions in africa have seen a sharp drop in malaria cases and deaths in the past 2 decades but progress is now stalling. worryingly malaria is on the rise especially in east africa partly responsible for this this climate change in the kilimanjaro region in east africa malaria used to be rare it's high altitude makes it too cold for mosquitoes now rising temperatures have opened the door to the spread of malaria in africa
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highlands. peter carey malaria. becoming president and some of the places where they were in place in. the cold the coldest points are becoming less cold in these high altitude areas but obviously that's a very worrying development climate change is also triggering bigger and more frequent storms like cycle and you don't get hit mozambique and parts of zimbabwe earlier this year mosquitoes thrive in the sheer masses of standing water left behind hopes are high for a malaria vaccination currently piloting in kenya ghana and malawi but of african countries want to win the fight against malaria they need to take steps to deal with these fresh challenges. from coffee beans to oxford brewing coffee from beings as nothing special but tearing them into an entry in the guineas of record
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certainly is evident by man that took the challenge and created this giant picture of famous old african d.j. black coffee it took the artist flawless plus a few bags of ground coffee to create the aromatic image of the d.j. 25 square meter piece is now officially the largest coffee mosaic ever made by miller usually works with sold so you can understand before creating this for trade he wasn't sure if it would work. i had a. great thought of a lot. of i'm a very. now for some entertainment and. practicing their hot sauce it's in nigeria a group of children are spending their off in an unusual activity for africa they're part of the k g k b unicycle academy it's a club way they hope they circus tricks for. a revamped
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bike wheel and pedals and the driveway of a suburban home in lagos that's all it takes to produce homemade circus performers . plus a good sense of balance and plenty of practice of polls 14 year old kind of going to go and has been juggling clubs and spinning on a unicycle for 4 years now. i like the new sport the old i'll tell you so if you think you could win the seat before. they come to practice straight after school. coach. has trained dozens of children since he founded the unicycle academy in 2014. the daily rehearsal's keep the children from hanging out on the streets and getting up to no good he says. we see
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a lot of kids out on the streets. is a. newbie. it's where you find. it. is. that of. the uni cyclists at the self funded academy put on impromptu shows. places like parks and markets sometimes they even get booked performances at corporate events and festivals the money helps maintain the 18 cycles and keeps the wheels turning. and that is a. perfect. size and facebook page. what you think about the stories that we can make it says they will leave you with the pictures off that unicycle to catch the next time.
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after the fall of the berlin. hello there and a warm welcome to arts and culture well it only took 60 years asked if he takes the pint sized super human gall who's pretty much akin to a national treasure in france is finally getting up with the times and before we tell you how here's a quick teaser of what else to expect on today's program. they kissed a 4th sculpture park in norway now has a new addition the tourist art galleries the band's 60 metres across the run said
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the river. and the singular world of german artist they are painting is celebrated in a brand new exhibition in his home town to face. back in 1959 at the 1st asterix comics appeared in the franco belgian magazine and 38 volumes later and just in time for its 60th anniversary asterix and the chieftains daughter has just been published with a nod to the politics of today because for the very 1st time in history the tiny goal actually steps aside to let a female hero drive the narrative. asterix is celebrating his 60th birthday with a brand new adventure the fans can hardly wait. to creators are once again phillipe and contrast it's their 4th book their successors.


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